Pain is not your enemy, but your friend!

Muscular pain, is often seen as something that is negative, which needs to be removed, suppressed or ignored. However, if you consider what your life would be if you didn't experience pain. It would be a disaster! Why? Because pain is there to protect you and make sure that you don't go over your limits. Pain is in fact a signal from your body warning you that something is out of balance. So by accepting pain, even thanking your body for the warning, pain will become your friend. You may start listening more intently to the message, by asking yourself what lies behind the pain signal. Pain is always a consequence of something that you are doing unconsciously. Be curious and pay attention to the pain. Look at your life, is there something that is out of balance? Your body is an extention of your inner self, it is an expression of you. Your body cannot lie it knows something is wrong before you do.

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