About Lloyd

Lloyd is a qualified holistic therapist. He specialises in treating physical ailments which don’t seem to be helped by a purely physical approach. The fact that treating only the physical complaint is often not enough is logical. Besides your physical body there are so many more aspects that are of influence and make up who you are; your upbringing, your work, social network, cultural background, life experiences, your view of the world and how you view yourself. The strength of my treatments lies in addressing all of these aspects, including your physical body.

“I guess I’ve always been interested in what makes us the way we are. What I have discovered is that this is not a fixed thing, we are capable of bringing about change in our life’s circumstances or the way we experience them. This was such an eye opener for me that I immediately wanted to share it with everyone. Of course, this means taking full responsibility for your own life and what life dishes out. This is one of the biggest challenges that there is, but the rewards of taking on this challenge are more than worth it.”

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