This morning I pulled a tarot card, which I often do if I want more insight/inspiration about a situation. I pulled the king of water (emotions) and this card talks about old wounds coming to the surface for healing. Every now and then we are indeed confronted with old hurts in our daily lives, usually through what someone may have said or done to us or a particular situation in which we find ourselves. This is always an opportunity to release the old wound, however, what generally happens is that we end up getting wounded once more, reliving an reinforcing the original wound.


By becoming aware of our wounds and let’s face it, we all have them, this enables us to choose to step out of the vicious circle and not react to things that we normally allow to hurt us. How to do this, we need to step out of the mind and accept. Without the mind there is no wound, there is no one to get hurt.

This card invites us to live in total acceptance which is no easy task. So how about just for the next 24 hours, total acceptance, whatever happens!

Can you imagine going for 24 hours accepting whatever happens to you during that time? No matter what! Of course if only pleasant things happen then no worries that is easy to accept. But, as we all know life is never that easy and sometimes it can seem like an  impossible challenge. As the father of two young children I can tell you that it can sometimes be an enormous challenge to stay calm when they are playing up. Yet when I do manage not to react and let it go, it seems so effortless.

Why not give it a try? On my Facebook page I am posting the event 24 hours of total acceptance. The more the merrier. Here is the link;