Are you looking for a sustainable solution to the pain and tension in your body?

Have you tried numerous approaches yet nothing seems to be effective or only for a short period of time?

Well I am here to tell you that there is an effective and sustainable solution to your problems.

Hello, my name is Lloyd and I am a qualified holistic therapist. I specialize in helping people with physical pain & tension that doesn’t seem to be helped by a purely physical approach.

After all you are not only your physical body, there are numerous aspects which make you who you are and how you feel. Aspects such as, your upbringing, life experiences, work & social surroundings, how you view the world and yourself.

The strength of my treatments lies in addressing all of these aspects, including your physical body.

Receive 5 free steps towards a life free of pain & tension


Are you tired of carrying around those tight shoulders?

Does your lower back ache if you sit too long?

Is your neck as stiff as a board?

Do you have the feeling that the pain you are experiencing is the sign of a deeper lying problem, yet you don’t know where to begin?

Don't wait any longer, make an appointment today and start you journey towards a life free of physical pain & tension. Contact Lloyd on 06 410 29 145 for an appointment or any questions you may have.

Chair massages

Touchpro chair massage comes to your company

Give your workers a feeling that they are valued and reap the rewards.


The Touchpro chair massage is an effective 15 minute massage which focuses on the areas of the body which are most susceptible to stress, injury, poor posture and repetitive movements. The chair massage gives your workers an immediate feeling of relaxation and well being as result.

  • Benefits based on research results
  • Relaxation and a general feeling of well being
  • Reduced work stress
  • Increased energy
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduction of bodily aches & pains
  • Reduced chance of sickness, injury and down time


Given on a regular basis the Touchpro chair massage helps reduce and avoid common physical complaints such as, muscle aches & pains, fatigue, headaches, neck & shoulder pain, back problems and RSI.

In order to gain positive results massages need to be given at least once every two weeks, ideally once a week.


The massages can be given almost anywhere, for example, on your company premises, at trade fairs or special events. All that you need is a space to perform the massages, an area of approximately 2.5mx2.5m is sufficient and your personal masseur provides the rest.



Recipients do not need to get undressed, the massages are done over the clothing which helps promote a feeling of comfort and ease, especially for those who being massaged for the first time.

Do you want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to contact me via 06 410 29 145 or via my contact menu.


Oda Cremer

“My experience with Lloyd was a step in my personal development which brought me more peace, energy and above all supple muscles.’’

Sabina de Lange

“After repeated visits to the physiotherapist for my back, shoulder and neck complaints, the treatments only helped for a short period of time. Lloyd really has attention for these sorts of bodily signals and he helps you to feel why your body gives such signals.”

Paul Cotter

"My own sessions with Lloyd have helped me to gain a better understanding of my own body as well as greater control over mindfulness and an appreciation of the energy flows constantly taking place in and around us. My journey is far from complete but already I can see that the source of my tension is different to what I first believed. I would recommend Lloyd without hesitation!"

Marije Hendrikx

“Lloyd heeft mij in een reeks sessies behandeld. De sessies bestonden uit korte gesprekken en holistische massages. Alles was erop gericht om mij weer met mijn gevoel in contact te brengen, wat in die tijd geen eenvoudige klus was. Toch is dat is wonderwel gelukt!’’

Kim Brice

“Lloyd does not only work through the body. Before you receive your message, he will ask you questions that reveal how your thoughts or emotions might be influencing whatever is going on in your body. I appreciate the holistic approach which helps integrate his therapy in body and mind.”

Vera Develing

"Ik heb kennis mogen maken met Lloyd en met zijn werkwijze. Het heeft me op dat moment veel rust gegeven en energie om verder te gaan. Lloyd kijkt verder dan alleen de klacht, kijkt naar wat de onderliggende oorzaak is en pakt het heel grondig en holistisch aan. Ik heb op deze manier weer veel geleerd over lichaam en geest!"

About Lloyd

Lloyd is a qualified holistic therapist dedicated to helping people who suffer from chronic & recurring physical pain & tension. Having also suffered from these problems Lloyd knows what it is like to wake up everyday with nagging pain.
As perhaps with many people he too carried this around for a long time before he took action. More to the point circumstances forced him to do something about it. Unfortunately the purely physical approach of most modern medicine did not help. It was not until he got to know himself better that he realized that much of the tension in his body related to other matters which in turn affected his physical state.
Lloyd combines various massage techniques & dialogue to guide his clients through a process of self discovery & self awareness. This process brings with it the necessary change.
"Awareness is the greatest agent for change" - Eckhart Tolle


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